Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soul Eater 09

Episode 09 (9/10 Fantastic!)
With Soul Eater, even filler episodes are great! I feel like I’ve seen that Excalibur creature before… in some picture book or something. Black Star and Kid make an interesting team – I was cracking up the entire time! It surprised me, though, that Kid didn’t freak out seeing the library so messy. Black Star is totally worthless, isn’t he? By the way, I found out that the voice actor who does Okakura-san in Rideback plays Shinigami-san. Pretty different roles, huh? It just goes to show that every Japanese person can make that nasally sound…
Suggestive Content:
Some bad language and mention of adultery.
Animation: 9/10
Characters: 10/10
Writing: 8/10
Pacing: 9/10
Enjoyment: 10/10

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