Saturday, March 14, 2009

Munto TV 07

Episode 07 (7/10 Above Average)
Yumemi’s new dress is so pretty. She’s the Akuto princess now. We get the history of the heavenly beings and their worlds. It went by rather quickly and we saw many unnamed characters we have very little information about. If the creators had planned to give Munto TV a longer series, they would have time to expand this. That was poor planning on the writer’s part. I’d honestly like to learn more about the characters. Another thing I’ve noticed, the cut-offs are weird. For example, last episode left off with Munto fighting that creature and the fight was concluded early in this episode and the rest of the time was spent letting Yumemi get used to the heavenly world.
Suggestive Content:
Magic and images of destruction.
Animation: 8/10
Characters: 8/10
Writing: 7/10
Pacing: 6/10
Enjoyment: 8/10

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