Thursday, March 5, 2009

Skip Beat! 03

Episode 03 (7/10 Above Average)
This show could be improved by some better background music. I mentioned in the last Soul Eater post that rock music adds interest to the battle scenes; well, some rock music would add an edge that I always considered part of the celebrity scene to Skip Beat! I’m really not sure what the judges are looking for in these girls. It seems the world of celebrity isn’t taken seriously by this show. The shoujo-ness is ruining it. Losing something important to every human is a big theme for such a small show. And, I don’t think the president is all that stylish.
Suggestive Content:
Animation: 7/10
Characters: 7/10
Writing: 7/10
Pacing: 8/10
Enjoyment: 8/10

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