Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First Look @ Viper's Creed

Episode 01 (2/10 Terrible)
Reasons Rideback works and this doesn’t:
1) Too much CG. There’s barely any 2D animation. The most compelling 2D drawing is in the ending sequence. The character designs aren’t too bad…
2) Human interest – there is none. Rideback has many developed and dynamic characters that have interesting relationships with each other.
3) The whole episode is one big chase scene. There isn’t any other action besides a flashback. Flashbacks are a technique to show something significant about a character through their past.
And so, I’ll say the same thing I do about any show contrived completely of CG machines and uniform women sitting at computers: boring.
Suggestive Content:
One of the ladies and the blonde driver talk about a promised “meeting” they have planned. CG action.
Animation: 4/10
Characters: 1/10
Writing: 2/10
Pacing: 2/10
Enjoyment: 0/10

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