Saturday, April 11, 2009

First Look @ Shangri-La

Episode 01 (8/10 Great)
A woman must never forget to wear her lipstick during a battle. What?
For a while in the middle it got pretty flat, but the end was interesting. I don’t go for the political issues in anime – because I just don’t care about it. The action was swift and fluid and the animation clear. I haven’t seen Murata Range’s artwork for a while… Very crisp. Kuniko is a good heroine: she’s got a rough side, she doesn’t want to pick up the responsibility being pushed on her, but she still cares about what’s going on. Watching her grow will be enjoyable. I’m also interested in the other owners of those daggers… I wasn’t expecting that private to be an essential part of the plot. Oh, and, why can that whip cut through metal?
Suggestive Content:
Kuniko’s friends are transsexuals. One of them makes a comment about her chest and kisses a soldier later on the episode. When she steps out into the rain, her shirt becomes see-through. That scary woman has a shower scene and walks out of it naked.
Animation: 10/10
Characters: 8/10
Writing: 8/10
Pacing: 8/10
Enjoyment: 9/10

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