Monday, April 6, 2009

First Look @ Basquash!

Episode 01 (8.5/10 Really Great!)
Three other anime came to mind while I watched this: Michiko to Hatchin, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (especially this one), and Alien Nine. All three are among my favorites, so although I usually don’t go looking for action anime, this one made me crazily excited. It was so fast, though, I could hardly get any screen captures that weren’t blurred. The story was fast-paced, too; in fact, it was a little blurred as well. There’s so much going on immediately. That can make for a fun anime, but we need to be able to “believe” the circumstances in order to transmute into that world. A few of the plot devices were very convenient – for example, Miyuki is his friend that just so happens to bring a giant robot (that does laundry), allowing him to take his revenge on the robot basketballing world. Yeah… but, it’s not too late for the writers to make this more coherent – it’s only the first episode, after all. I’m really looking forward to what they can do with this wild idea they’ve gotten. I kind of liked the fact that the main boy isn’t mecha-crazy as in most mecha anime. The CG didn’t bother me at all, either; and the row of baby ducks was hilarious!
Suggestive Content:
Ok. Miyuki’s breasts are huge and the show wastes no opportunity for them to bounce, flop on Dan’s head, or be the largest objects on the screen. There’s some foul language.
Animation: 9/10
Characters: 8/10
Writing: 8/10
Pacing: 8/10 (Slow it down a bit, so we can keep up with what going on!)
Enjoyment: 10/10

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