Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Look @ Cross Game

Episode 13 (7/10 Above Average)
This was a nice dose of old school, but I don’t think I’ll pick it up. Cross Game is a cute little cartoon about a boy and a girl who her death draws him to baseball. The mangaka, Adachi Mitsuru, also wrote H2, Nine, Touch, and many other baseball stories. You’d think that after a while, someone would run out of concepts based on baseball, but… All in all, I’d say this is an entertaining, lighthearted cartoon, but I’m looking for something with more story. How convenient was it that that big dude was an ace pitcher in his little league or that the two girls' father was a major leaguer? Also, I feel a little sorry for the sister; I honestly thought she was a brother.
Suggestive Content:
Animation: 7/10
Characters: 7/10
Writing: 7/10
Pacing: 8/10
Enjoyment: 7/10

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