Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 03

Episode 03 (7/10 Above Average)


This is going to be my favorite show this season – I can feel it! This episode, however, was a calm-before-the-storm episode, so not much happened. Episodes like this are used to get the characters from point A where something happened to point B where the next plot point will happen. All the same, they could have made this more interesting than it was. I keep expecting more panic from the crowds, like in War of the Worlds. I really feel for Mirai; I’ve walked all around New York in sandals, my feet bloody, too.

Suggestive Content:

Nothing to worry about except scenes of destruction.


Animation: 9/10

Characters: 10/10

Writing: 8/10

Pacing: 8/10

Enjoyment: 8/10

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