Friday, July 10, 2009

First Look @ Bakemonogatari

Episode 01 (8/10 Great!)
I’m going to break this review down to two lists of highlights:
The Good: 1) The art and animation was breath-taking. I’m a huge animation nut! I’ve been known to watch an anime on art/animation credit alone, and I’d do it with this one even if the writing goes down the toilet. 2) This is definitely an abstract/weird/mind-trick anime. I love this genre, but not everyone will appreciate it. If you didn’t like Lain, FLCL, Boogiepop Phantom, etc., you won’t like this. 3) I wish I could carry writing supplies inside my body! That’s amazingly cool. An office supply vampire has got to be the most creative character this season.
The Bad: 1) The banana joke (?) – I don’t care who the writer is, nobody can pull a banana peel slip out of the air and still expect to maintain their morose, serious atmosphere. Seriously, what in the world was that? 2) This was more an artistic endeavor than a story. Even the little writing they had going slipped near the end. 3) The talk about tsundere and moe on the bike ride. The creators go from taking themselves severely seriously to not seriously at all.
Genre: mind tricks wrapped in mind-blowing art… oh, and vampires
Suggestive Content:
Araragi stares at Tsubasa’s panties in the opening sequence for an entire minute (it’s timed at the bottom, which I think is bad taste.) There’s talk of moe and some bad language. Hitagi threatens Araragi she’ll cut “something” off, though it was never specified. She also warns him not to violate her or she’d send her family after him. Heavy religious talk and theories about gods.
Animation: 9/10
Characters: 6/10 – No personality, or, not likable. Except Shinobu; I’m very interested in her.
Writing: 7/10 – She slipped on a banana peel? Are you KIDDING me?
Pacing: 6/10
Enjoyment: 9/10

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