Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Look @ Needless

Episode 01 (0/10 Not worth my time)
What is going on here? The cuts are spastic and the pacing is all out of whack. There’s hardly any story. I’m getting very tired of the loose usage of Christian terms in anime! There’s a so-called priest who says he’s as powerful as god. This show (and many others) have no religion. They have no intelligence, either. At least Yoku Wakaru Mahou had somewhat interesting characters and circumstances. The title of the show is very appropriate: Needless.
Genre: mindless, supernatural, apocalyptic Code Geass-gone-wrong
Suggestive Content:
Some of the female characters are very well-endowed with little with which to cover or support it. Bad language. Stupid violence and blood.
Animation: 4/10
Characters: 2/10
Writing: 0/10
Pacing: 1/10
Enjoyment: 0/10

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