Friday, July 10, 2009

First Look @ Sora no Manimani

Episode 01 (6/10 Good)
How many times are they going to play the club-that-doesn’t-have-enough-people card? I used to love that theme, but I’m sick of it now. The chemistry between the main male and female is slightly interesting, but I find Mihoshi annoying… and you know if I, who likes spunky, ditsy female leads, find her annoying, she is. There’s nothing special about this storyline or the characters. The only difference I can find between this and the hundred other club slice-of-lifes is that it’s about a star-gazing club. The art isn’t very ambitious, either. At least it’s not as bad as Special A was. I don’t have time to blog something so generic, so this one is dropped.
Genre: a club-driven piece of shoujo slice-of-life that just makes you say, “meh.”
Suggestive Content:
I don’t remember anything. The club president is anemic and coughs blood a lot.
Animation: 6/10
Characters: 6/10
Writing: 6/10
Pacing: 6/10
Enjoyment: 6/10

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