Friday, January 23, 2009

Like RomeoxJuliet.... KermitxMiss Piggy

I've never been one for pairing. (Of course, that's sort of a yaoi fan thing to do.) However, if you visit an anime forum you'll find many threads for LelouchxKaren or LelouchxC.C or LelouchxShirley. They come up with so many romances to root for that I wouldn't even think of. Usually, I end up rooting for the pair that everyone knows is meant for each other. I don't do it because I like predictability - because I DON'T. I wonder if it's because I'm a writer and I can sense what would be best because of elements of the storytelling.

But, I have also noticed another pattern in my star-crossing lovers. I want the rough but subtly loving guys to win the girl. Example:

Tsukasa Domyoji from Hana Yori Dango. He's hot-tempered and childish. He and Tsukushi (like Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth) fight constantly. But, Tsukasa stubbornly loves Tsukushi, always being forward about showing his affection. In most situations he has no idea what to do, but he relies on the love he feels to do it. Unlike Tsukushi who is (sometimes annoyingly) indecisive.

And, I used to think I only rooted for the quiet or shy girls, or, the girls who don't stand out as much as the others in the vast cast of girl. Such as:

Furukawa Nagisa from Clannad. She very soft-spoken and demure. Many fans become frustrated with girls characters such as Nagisa, as do I on occaision; but, she reminds me so much of my quietness (albeit my personality) that I have patience and affection for girl characters like her.

Besides, I honestly can't see Tomoya with Tomoyo (even though the obvious relation in their names) and definitely not with either of the twins. Now, Kotomi hold a special place in my heart as well; and, considering the past she has with Tomoya.... but, I'm not going to turn this post into something like that.
Now, with the introduction of Aisaka Taiga in Toradora, I've realized my previous assumption about rooting for the quiet girls was proven wrong. I love Taiga. She's got so much power, and all wrapped in such a small body. It makes me laugh, the way she interacts with the taller but weaker characters. It's my prayer that she and Ryuji will be together. Their relationship is ever strengthening.

Another Key girl (and my favorite) I root for, who is strong and lively is:

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