Monday, January 19, 2009

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Most of the anime I watch are those airing that season. As soon as they've been subbed (because I can't speak Japanese... yet!) I'm adding them to my bit torrent. So, the shows I'm currently watching came out in '08 or '09. I'm going to be deciding in this post which shows I'll be blogging.

Michiko to Hatchin - 21 episodes

(My opinion so far: 10/10)
This is a traveling story (very like Bee Train shows, but thankfully better written) in which a wild woman, Michiko, picks up orphaned girl, Hatchin, and go in search of someone. In this case it's Hatchin's father, Hiroshi, who died in a bus wreck a few year ago. But, Michiko is certain that he is alive.

I've watched up to 10 episodes of this crazy, vivacious anime and I'm in love with it. There are many desperate characters in a severe conditions. Set in Mexico, it deals with the trials of not only being on the run and alienated, but having no means but your own strength to make it through.

Toradora - 25 episodes

(My opinion so far: 8/10)

"The Palm-Sized Tiger" - small but feisty tsundere, Taiga, and Ryuji are thrown together after a very embarrassing mistake on Taiga's part. Each of them has a crush on each other's best friend. Taiga orders Ryuji to help her win over his best friend.

A school life comedy that is original enough to be a breath of fresh air in its genre. The very talented J.C. Staff has done an excellent job as far as visuals. I admit I'm a sucker for visuals - a glutton for visuals. I'm happy to see such vibrant colors and fluid movement for Toradora.

Skip Beat - 25 episodes

(My opinion so far - N/A - starting it new)

Kyoko's childhood friend, Sho, is a jerk. And a model. She has accompanied him to Tokyo to support him in his quest to become a Top Model (small American joke there.) She cooks and cleans for him, but when she overhears Sho telling his manager that he just broght her with him to be his maid, Kyoko is hearbroken. She endeavors to have her revenge - by becoming a model herself.

I haven't been able to start this one yet, but I've been hearing good reports. The comedy seems fresh and the animation looks well done. Hal Film Maker (Sketchbook ~ Full Colors ~, Uta-Kata, and Aria) is bringing us the production.

X'amd Lost Memories - 26 episodes

(My opinion so far: reserved - only seen 1 episode.)
The old wonderings of the difference between man and monster. On his way to school on a war-besiged island, Akiyuki is infected after a strange girl with white hair blows up the bus. He begins to morph into a X'amd (as seen left.)

I was surprised to find out this was a ONA. That's probably why it didn't receive the advertisement it probably deserved. It sort of snuck up on everybody. But, I'm glad it did; I think I'll enjoy this, as I do almost every BONES anime. BONES, Madhouse, J.C. Staff, 4C, and Aniplex are my favorites.

Next post, I'll be looking at some first episodes.

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