Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Look @ Hetalia Axis Powers

Episode 01 (8/10 - Great)
Oh. Wow.
I say this for many reasons. 1) I woke up this morning and had the torrent for this show, and I was really excited. When school was finished, I looked on the website and Hetlia Axis Powers was marked Liscenced! 2) This show is insane! It opens up with America talking a mile/minute, Japan agrees to what he says and gets yelled at for it, England starts beating up France (for say he was against both him and America), Russian's got some sick, twisted hope Lithuania will start crying, Greece is asleep, and a very feminine China is offering snacks so everyone will calm down. This show is hilarious. I especially like Germany's outraged rant, since I'm taking a German course right now.
The art of the show has a watercolor, muddled effect. It's only 5 min. long (26 episodes), so it's more of a gag anime. Evidently, there's been some controversy over it, as can be imagined considering it's endeavored to represent each country of the world.... and as moe bishounen!
Suggestive Content:
There's nothing to report. Anyone who watches this should prepare for some good-natured ribbing to their home country. There's some cartoon violence - mostly slapstick, though. Germany is dipicted as going through WWI with a stick. That's the gist of the violence here.
Animation: 6/10 (Love the character designs and watercolor painting, but, too cartoony for me)
Characters: 8/10 - (Creative! Though, they'll probably become flat as it progresses.)
Writing: 7/10
Pacing: 8/10
Enjoyment: 10/10

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