Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Myuu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru - 86.6/100

Concept: (8/10)
Such a beautiful love story. The struggle of a man to take care of his family even when he has no means. In my Language and Society class we talked about the “American Dream,” but I think all men strive to and are devastated when they can’t be there for their families.
Writing: (9/10)
They movie was sad without being depressing, which I admired. There was a great balance of sadness and happiness. Some dramas go overboard, trying to make the audience as devastated as the characters when really the best way to create sadness is to contrast it with happiness. This show made a realistic goal and met it beautifully.
Characters: (9/10)
Quirky, grounded, funny characters with real relationships. The family is so true to life, I thought. I liked how guarded Aya was compared to how open Hayato was. The writers played them off of each other wonderfully. Their romance was very touching. I very much liked the doctor and that crazy guy that carries around a urine cup. They complimented the main characters while still being full in and of their own.
Cinematography: (8/10)
This wasn’t a movie, it was a TV special and so it didn’t have a movie budget. Nevertheless, it was well-made.
Acting: (9/10)
Matsumoto Jun astounded me. Playing a character that is slowly losing his physical abilities is a tough bill to pay, and yet he did it so well. I was very impressed. Also, the chemistry between him and Karina was perfect for a romantic couple. I was also impressed by Hatakeyama Rina, Myuu’s actress; for being so young, her facial expressions showed she understood the emotions of Myuu and she didn’t have any of the annoying traits some children in movies have.
Enjoyment: (9/10)
Rating: 86.6
Content Warning:
This is a family film; there’s nothing to worry about other than Aya becomes pregnant before they marry.
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