Monday, May 11, 2009

Birdy the Mighty Decode 2 Review - 93.3/100

Concept: (9/10)
I liked the smaller focus of this season as opposed to the save-the-world focus of the first. It may have been less ambitious to focus on just one relationship (Birdy and Nataru) but it made the writing fuller and more succinct. The limited amount of villains also helped. The first season had so many side villains who played vague roles in the plot. I remember the android specifically; she looked as if she would be a hard opponent and then Birdy defeated her in less than an episode.
Writing: (9/10)
The writers did a much better job drawing out the viewers’ emotions. I cared about Nataru; I’m sure most viewers did. I cared about him and Birdy so much that is tore me up to watch them fight. That’s what great writing should do: tear you up. I’ve never liked a love story in an action anime so much. The pacing was well-though-out; they revealed everything in a timely and intelligent way. I didn’t like the filler episode near the end, though. Shouko is truly a waste of time.
Characters: (10/10)
I’ve said this so many times now that I can’t count them, but I’m going to say it again: Birdy and Nataru are one hundred times more interesting than Tsutomu and Sayaka. (Though, I liked Sayaka.) The show should have been more about Birdy from the beginning. Because it wasn’t, Tsutomu became an annoying hindrance to her story. Besides, he’s not the kind of character that deserves the spotlight. Now, I’ll grant him credit for memory diving and bringing Birdy back; this is the type of side jobs he should have had from the beginning. I’m also irritated by Shoko; there definitely should have been less of her in the series. Nataru is the multi-dimensional male lead I was looking for all throughout the first season; and, he really was the best dramatic foil for Birdy.
Animation/Art: (9/10)
I loved the superflat elements that were added in this season! Of course, superflat is one of my favorite animation styles. It really worked to gauge the significance of violence and ethos in the battle scenes. Violin’s death scene was a masterpiece. I could see the dark, almost evil rage blacken Birdy’s face. Amazing! Indeed, even without the superflat effect, the action in this season was fantastic. There were times, however, when the characters were poorly drawn. I’m not sure what happened, but the eyes moved all over the face and things were disproportioned.
Voice Acting: (9/10)
Appropriate, matched the characters, effective.
Enjoyment: (10/10)
I’ve pretty much covered everything that excited me. The OVA will be coming soon and it will expound on the tower incident, which I’m looking forward to since I felt it got shortchanged.
Rating: 93.3
Content Warning:
The violence and gore in this show is very graphic and disturbing. Birdy’s suit is as revealing as ever and there is some nudity, usually, on the ship and bath scenes. Arita Shion models in bathing suits.
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