Friday, August 21, 2009

K-ON! Review - 81.6/100

Concept: (6/10)

As much as I loved this anime, it’s not at all original. One colleague said it was just KyoAni’s attempt to relive the Haruhi band episode. It was even that original. Club-based anime is as old as can be.

Writing: (7/10)

Slice-of-life is a special genre in that it’s difficult to penalize its shows for not much happening, because that’s in its very definition.

Characters: (8/10)

Nobody who reads my blog is unable to tell who my favorite character was. Yui. And, because she one of my favorite characters of all time, I’m giving the Character section an extra point. Biased, yes; but, is it my blog? Yes. So there. Now, I can’t say that the characters are deeply developed or unique. But, the chemistry between the girls, especially between Mio and Ritsu (their episode together is wonderful), makes the show.

Animation/Artwork: (9/10)

KyoAni is truly one of the best. Plus, I feel they have improved much since the gluttonously big eyes of Kanon and Air. Of course due credit is deserved by kakifly who drew the manga. I really liked the colorful transitions; they were interesting and not overly used (a mistake some anime make.) I can’t discuss art without mentioning the moe factor. They were obviously created for moe fans. In fact Yui, Azusa, and Mio were featured in J-Zine’s top 10 cutest characters. I like moe, so I’m drawn to their character designs. Though the animation is not very action-packed, the director was able to create the right funny, lazy atmosphere for the show. (I had a terrible time choosing just 40 screencaps for this review!)

Voice Acting: (10/10)

I never joined in the fight over whether Mio or Yui sang better. So, I’ll give my verdict now. Mio sings better, but Yui’s (Toyosaki Aki) voice acting is more entertaining. I felt all the voice actresses did an excellent job.
Enjoyment: (10/10)

Regardless of its flaws, K-ON! is the best anime I’ve watched in the summer season! I will always come to its defense no matter the opponent. Why? Because I absolutely loved it!

Rating: 81.6

Content Warning:

Pandering to moe fans: Mio falls and the entire school sees her panties; she’s also dressed up, along with Azusa and Yui, in moe outfits. There are a couple bath scenes. Some talk about the characters’ breasts. It’s vague whether Mugi is attracted to girls.


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