Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 08-09

Episode 08-09 (8.5/10 Great)


These two episodes were magnificent according to the rest of the series. However, I still don’t feel the significant emotional drama that should be happening inside me. It makes me wonder if, as this series is truly a family show, the creators aren’t letting the emotion flood through the show because the viewers may be young. I can understand this to a degree; but, there are many anime that capture the heart and are still aren’t traumatic to the children who watch them. I’m thinking of any of Miyazaki’s movie, in fact, Studio Ghibli in general. There are further examples, of course. I’ve enjoyed watching Mirai change; she’s become a not-so-whiney teenager now. Her nightmares and cold flashes are ominous… not a bad addition to the show at all!

Suggestive Content:
Minor emotional stress and scenes of destruction.


Animation: 8.5/10

Characters: 9/10

Writing: 8/10

Pacing: 7/10

Enjoyment: 9.5/10

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